William J. Foltz
From French West Africa to the Mali Federation
New Haven, Yale University Press. 228 p.


Spellings and Abbreviations

  1. The Western Sudan and Its Conquerors
  2. Political Organization in French West Africa
  3. Economic Integration in French West Africa
  4. French West African Political Parties, 1945-1955
  5. Federalism, Unity, and Independence: French West African Politics from the Loi-Cadre to the Referendum
  6. Founding the Mali Federation
  7. The Political Meaning of Federalism: Soudan
  8. The Political Meaning of Federalism: Senegal
  9. The Mali Federation
  10. The Federation's Failure
  11. Mali and the Problem of Political Union

Appendix I. Unity
Appendix II Content Analysis of Essor and Unité Africaine Editorials


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