Africa. Its Peoples and their culture history/Contents

George Peter Murdock
1897 — 1985

Professor of Anthropology, Yale University

Africa. Its Peoples and Their Culture History

New York. McGraw-Hill. 1959. 456 p.

George P. Murdock

Social structure (1949) / Outline of Cultural Materials – OCM (1961) / OCM as SKOS Vocabulary

To Americans of African Descent

Keyu warriors, Kenya
Keyu warriors overlooking the Rift Valley,
Kenya (Peabody Museum of Archeology &
Ethnology, Harvard University)
Kung Bushmen girl
Kung Bushmen girl
(Peabody Museum of Archeology & Ethnology,
Harvard University)


List of Maps

Part One: Orientation

  1. Geography
  2. Race
  3. Language
  4. Economy
  5. Society
  6. Government
  7. History

Part Two: African Hunters

  1. Pygmies
  2. Bushmen and Their Kin
  3. East African Hunters

Part Three: Sudanic Agricultural Civilization

  1. Nuclear Mande
  2. Voltaic Peoples
  3. Plateau Nigerians

Part Four: North African Agricultural Civilization

  1. Ancient Egyptians
  2. Berbers
  3. Saharan Negroes and the Caravan Trade
  4. Negroes of the Sudan Fringe
  5. Punic and Greco-Roman North Africa

Part Five: Synthesis in the Nile Corridor

  1. Nubians
  2. Nuba
  3. Prenilotes
  4. Central Ethiopians
  5. Sidamo Peoples

Part Six: Southward Expansion of the Cushites

  1. Southern Cushites
  2. Megalithic Cushites
  3. Ancient Azanians

Part Seven: Cultural Impact of Indonesia

  1. Malagasy
  2. Central Sudanic Peoples
  3. Eastern Nigritic Peoples
  4. Cameroon Highlanders
  5. Southern Nigerians
  6. Twi
  7. Kru and Peripheral Mande
  8. Senegambians

Part Eight: Expansion of the Bantu

  1. Northwestern Bantu
  2. Equatorial Bantu
  3. Mongo and Luba
  4. Central Bantu
  5. Northeast Coastal Bantu

Part Nine: East African Pastoralism

  1. Beja
  2. Afar and Somali
  3. Galla
  4. Nilotes

Part Ten: Spread of Pastoralism to the Bantu

  1. Kenya Highland Bantu
  2. Interlacustrine Bantu
  3. Tanganyika Bantu
  4. Middle Zambesi Bantu
  5. Southwestern Bantu
  6. Shona and Thonga
  7. Nguni
  8. Sotho

Part Eleven: North and West African Pastoralism

  1. Bedouin Arabs
  2. Tuareg
  3. Baggara
  4. Fulani

Key to Bibliographical Abbreviations
Index of Tribal Names

List of maps

  1. Relief of Africa
  2. Drainage Systems of Africa
  3. Mean Annual Rainfall in Africa
  4. Vegetation Zones of Africa
  5. Distribution of Races in Africa
  6. African Languages about A.D. 1500
  7. Distribution of Types of Subsistence Economy
  8. Distribution of Cattle and of Milking
  9. Distribution of Rules of Descent
  10. Culture Provinces of the Western Sudan
  11. Areas of Berber Speech
  12. Trans-Saharan Caravan Routes
  13. Culture Provinces of the Yam Belt
  14. Culture Provinces of Bantu Africa
  15. East African Pastoralists
  16. Major Concentrations of Fulani
  17. Tribal Map of Africa [pocket inside back cover]
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