Cambridge Vol5

General History of Africa/Volume 5/From c.1790 to c.1870

The Cambridge History of Africa.
Volume 5, From c.1790 to c.1870

John E. Flint, ed. 1977. 15 maps, 748 pages

Cambridge History of Africa. Volume 5

The period covered in this volume is one which begins with the emergence of anti-slave trade attitudes in Europe, and ends on the eve of European colonial conquest. But except for white conquests in Algeria and South Africa, and colonies of free Blacks on the west coast, the theme is that of African independence, initiative and adaptation in the last phase of its pre-colonial history. Under greater external pressures than ever before, from European trade, exploration, missionary and political activity, African history in this period moved with greater momentum and larger scale than in past ages, with rapid changes in economic and political life. In general the approach in this volume is through chapters focusing on regions of Africa, each written by an established authority in his field. Concluding chapters sruvey the activities of Europeans in Africa, and those of Africans and their descendants overseas.


Introduction John E. Flint

  1. Egypt and the Nile valley P. M. Holt
  2. Ethiopia and the Horn Sven Rubenson
  3. The Maghrib Douglas Johnson
  4. The nineteenth-century jihads in West Africa M. Hiskett
  5. Freed slave colonies in West Africa Christopher Fyfe
  6. West Africa in the anti-slave trade era J. F. Ade Ajayi, and B. O. Oloruntimehin
  7. The forest and the savanna of Central Africa David Birmingham
  8. East Africa: the expansion of commerce A. C. Unomah, and J. B. Webster
  9. The Nguni outburst J. D. Omer-Cooper
  10. Colonial South Africa and its frontiers J. D. Omer-Cooper
  11. Tradition and change in Madagascar, 1790–1870 Hubert Deschamps
  12. Africans overseas, 1790–1870 John E. Flint, and I. Geiss
  13. Changing European attitudes to Africa Robin Hallett

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