General History of Africa/Volume II/Ancient civilizations of Africa/Contents

UNESCO — General History of Africa
Volume II. Ancient civilizations of Africa

G. Mokhtar, ed. 1981, 804 pp.


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G. Mokhtar with the collaboration of J. Vercoutter

  1. Origin of the ancient Egyptians
    Cheikh Anta Diop
    Annex to Chapter I: Report of the symposium on “The Peopling of Ancient Egypt and the Deciphering of the Meroitic Script”
  2. Pharaonic Egypt
    N. Abu Bakr
  3. Pharaonic Egypt: society, economy and culture
    J. Yoyotte
  4. Egypt’s relations with the rest of Africa
    A. H. Zayed with the collaboration of J. Devisse
  5. The legacy of Pharaonic Egypt
    R. El-Nadoury with the collaboration of J. Vercoutter
  6. Egypt in the hellenistic era
    H. Riad with the collaboration of J. Devisse
  7. Egypt under Roman domination
    S. Donadoni
  8. The importance of Nubia: a link between Central Africa and the Mediterranean
    S. Adam with the collaboration of J. Vercoutter
  9. Nubia before Napata (—3100 to — 750)
    N. M. Sherif
  10. The empire of Kush: Napata and Meroe
    J. Leclant
  11. The civilization of Napata and Meroe
    A. A. Haken with the collaboration of I. Hrbek and J. Vercoutter
  12. The spreading of Christianity in Nubia
    K. Michalowski
  13. Pre-Aksumite culture
    H. de Contenson
  14. The civilization of Aksum from the first to the seventh century
    F. Ranfray
  15. Aksum: political system, economics and culture, first to fourth century
    Y. M. Kobishanov
  16. Christian Aksum
    T. T. Mekouria
  17. The proto-Berbers
    J. Desanges
  18. The Carthaginian period
    B. H. Warmington
  19. The Roman and post-Roman period in North Africa
    A. Mahjoubi and P. Salama
  20. The Sahara in classical antiquity
    P. Salama
  21. Introduction to the later prehistory of sub-Saharan Africa
    M. Posnansky
  22. The East African coast and its role in maritime trade
    A. M. H. Sheriff
  23. East Africa before the seventh century
    J. E. G. Sutton
  24. West Africa before the seventh century
    B. Wai Andah
  25. Central Africa
    F. Van Noten with the collaboration of D. Cahen and P. de Maret
  26. Southern Africa: hunters and food-gatherers
    J. E. Parkington
  27. The beginnings of the iron age in southern Africa
    D. W. Phillipson
  28. Madagascar
    P. Verin
  29. The societies of Africa south of the Sahara in the early iron age
    M. Posnansky

G. Mokhtar

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