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Methodology and African Prehistory/Contents

UNESCO — General History of Africa
Volume I. Methodology and African Prehistory

Joseph Ki-Zerbo, ed. 1981, 820 pp.

Unesco General History of Africa Volume 1


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List of plates
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Amadou-Mahtar M’bow, Director-General of Unesco
Description of the Project
B. A. Ogot, President of the International Scientific Committee for the Drafting of a General History of Africa
Note on chronology

General introduction I
J. Ki-Zerbo

  1. The development of African historiography
    J. D. Fage
  2. The place of history in African society
    Boubou Hama and J. Ki-Zerbo
  3. Recent trends in African historiography and their contribution to history in general
    P. D. Curtin
  4. Sources and specific techniques used in African history: general outline
    T. Obenga
  5. Written sources before the fifteenth century
    H. Djait
  6. Written sources from the fifteenth century onwards
    I. Hrbek
  7. Oral tradition and its methodology
    J. Vansina
  8. The living tradition
    A. Hampâté Bâ
  9. African archaeology and its techniques including dating techniques
    Z. Iskander
  10. History and linguistics
    P. Diagne
  11. Editorial note: theories on the ‘races’ and history of Africa
    J. Ki-Zerbo
  12. Migrations and ethnic and linguistic differentiations
    D. Olderogge
  13. African linguistic classification
    J.H. Greenberg
  14. Appendix to Chapter 12: the language map of Africa
    D. Dalby
  15. Historical geography: physical aspects
    S. Diarra
  16. Historical geography: economic aspects
    A. L. Mabogunje
  17. The interdisciplinary methods adopted in this study
    J. Ki-Zerbo
  18. Chronological framework: African pluvial and glacial epochs
    Part I — R. Saïd
    Part II — H. Faure
  19. Hominization: general problems
    Part I — Y. Coppens
    Part II — L. Balout
  20. African fossil man
    R. Leakey
  21. The prehistory of East Africa
    J. E. G. Sutton
  22. Prehistory in Southern Africa
    J. D. Clark
  23. The prehistory of Central Africa
    Part I — R. De Bayle des Hermens
    Part II — F. Van Noten
    with the collaboration of P. de Maret, J. Moeyersons, K. Muya and E. Roche
  24. The prehistory of North Africa
    L. Balout
  25. The prehistory of the Sahara
    H. J. Hugot
  26. The prehistory of West Africa
    C. T. Shaw
  27. Prehistory in the Nile valley
    F. Debono
  28. African prehistoric art
    J. Ki-Zerbo
  29. Origins, development and expansion of agricultural techniques
    R. Porares and J. Barrau
  30. Discovery and diffusion of metals and development of social systems up to the Fifth century before our era
    J. Vercoutter

Conclusion: from nature in the raw to liberated humanity
J. Ki-Zerbo

  • List of Members of the International Scientific Committee for the Drafting of a General History of Africa
  • Biographies of Authors
  • Bibliography

N.B. Mrs Catherine Perlès contributed to the finalization of Chapters 19, 20, 21 and 24.
Mrs Hélène Roche provided some additional items of information to Chapter


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