The Cambridge History of Africa/Volume VIII/Africa since 1935/Contents

UNESCO — General History of Africa
Volume VIII
Africa since 1935


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Amadou-Mahtar M’Bow, Director-General of UNESCO (1974-87)
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Bethwell A. Ogot, President of the International Scientific Committee for the Drafting of a General History of Africa (1978-83)
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  1. Introduction
    Ali A. Mazrui

Section I. — Africa in a decade of world conflicts, 1935-45

  1. The Horn and North Africa, 1935-45: crises and change
    Tayeb Chenntouf
  2. Tropical and equatorial Africa under French, Portuguese and Spanish domination, 1935-45
    Majhemout Diop in collaboration with David Birmingham, Ivan Hrbek, Alfredo Margarido and Djibril Tamsir Niane
  3. Africa under British and Belgian domination, 1935-45
    Michael Crowder

Section II. — The struggle for political sovereignty: from 1945 to independence

  1. Seek ye first the political kingdom
    Ali A. Mazrui
  2. North Africa and the Horn
    Ivan Hrbek
  3. West Africa, 1945-60
    Jean Suret-canale and A. Adu Boahen
  4. Equatorial West Africa
    Elikia M’Bokolo
  5. The struggle for political sovereignty in Eastern Africa, 1945 to independence
    Michael Twaddle in collaboration with Lucile Rabearimanana and Isaria N. Kimambo
  6. Southern Africa since 1945 249
    David Chanaiwa

Section III. — Underdevelopment and the struggle for economic independence

  1. Economic changes in Africa in the world context
    Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch
  2. Agriculture and rural development since 1935
    Maxwell Owusu
  3. Industrial development and urban growth, 1935- 80
    Pierre Kipré
  4. Comparative strategies of economic decolonization in Africa
    Adebayo Adedeji

Section IV. — Socio-political change since independence

  1. Nation-building and changing political structures
    J. lsawa Elaigwu in collaboration with Ali A. Mazrui
  2. Nation-building and changing political values
    Joseph Ki-Zerbo, Ali A. Mazrui and Christophe Wondji in collaboration with A. Adu Boahen

Section V. — Socio-cultural change since 1935

  1. Religion and social evolution
    Tshishiku Tshibangu in collaboration with J. F. Ade Ajayi and Lamin Sanneh
  2. Language and social change
    Alfa I. Sow and Mohamed H. Abdulaziz
  3. The development of modern literature since 1935
    Ali A. Mazrui in collaboration with the late Mario de Andrade, M’hamed Alaoui Abdalaoui, Daniel P. Kunene and Jan Vansina
  4. Arts and society since 1935
    Jan Vansina
  5. Trends in philosophy and science in Africa
    Ali A. Mazrui and J. F. Ade Ajayi in collaboration with A. Adu Boahen and Tshishiku Tshibangu
  6. Education and social change
    Aklilu Habte and Teshome Wagaw in collaboration with J. F. Ade Ajayi

Section VI. — Pan-Africanism: liberation and integration since 1935

  1. Africa and its diaspora since 1935
    Joseph E. Harris in collaboration with Slimane Zeghidour
  2. Pan-Africanism and regional integration
    S. K. B. Asante in collaboration with David Chanaiwa
  3. Pan-Africanism and liberation
    Edem Kodjo and David Chanaiwa

Section VII. — Independent Africa in world affairs

  1. Africa and the capitalist countries
  2. Africa and the socialist countries
    Iba Der Thiam and James Mulira in collaboration with Christophe Wondji
  3. Africa and the developing regions
    Locksley Edmondson
  4. Africa and the United Nations since 1945
    Edmond Kwam Kouassi
  5. Towards the year 2000
    Ali A. Mazrui

Members of the International Scientific Committee
for the Drafting of a General History of Africa
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