Thomas L. Hodgkin/African Political Parties

Thomas L. Hodgkin (1910-1982)

Penguin Books. Baltimore. 1961. African Series coll. David & Helen Kimble, eds. 217 p.


Born in 1910, Thomas Hodgkin went to school at Winchester and read Classics and Philosophy at Balliol College, Oxford. He worked for several years in Palestine, first as an archaeologist and later in the administration.
Resigning on political grounds he took up adult education in Cumberland and afterwards as Oxford Staff Tutor in cooperation with the W.E.A. in North Staffordshire. From 1945 to 1952 he was Secretary to the Oxford University Delegacy for Extra-Mural Studies, and a Fellow of Balliol; during this period he was responsible for initiating extra-mural classes in Ghana and Nigeria.
Latterly he has led a nomadic life and travelled in many parts of Africa. He has written for journals and held visiting lectureships at Northwestern University, McGill University, and University College of Ghana. He published Nationalism in Colonial Africa in 1956 and Nigerian Perspectives in 1960. He is at present engaged on a study of Islam and modern political movements in Africa south of the Sahara.
Thomas Hodgkin married in 1937 Dorothy Crowfoot, Fellow and Tutor of Somerville College, Oxford, now Wolfson Professor in X-ray crystallography. They have three children and a grandchild.


Map of Africa

  1. Introduction
  2. The Setting
    1. The Impact of Pre-Colonial Society
    2. The Colonial Situation
    3. The Development of Communications
    4. The Decline of Chiefly Power and the Rise of New Elites
    5. The Growth of a Popular Press
    6. Representative Institutions and the Franchise
    7. External Stimuli
  3. The origins of Parties
    1. Adaptation of Pre-existing Associations
    2. Evolution out of ‘Congresses’
    3. Splits in Congresses and Parties
    4. Regrouping of Parties
    5. External Influences
  4. Types 0f parties
    1. The Spread of Parties
    2. Mass Parties and Elite Parties
    3. Legality and Illegality
  5. Party Organization
    1. Members and Branches
    2. Intermediate Levels
    3. The Party Leadership
    4. Parliamentary Representatives and the Party
    5. The Party Conference
    6. The ‘Party within the Party’
    7. Allied Organizations
  6. Party activities
    1. Constitutional Action and Violence
    2. Propaganda and Political Education
    3. Welfare, Administration, and Patronage
  7. Party objectives
    1. ‘Independence’
    2. ‘Democracy’
    3. Objectives and Ideologies
  8. Concluding hypotheses

Selected bibliography
Appendix: The Major African Parties, 1945-60
Index to political parties




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